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Fairtrade Decaff

There has been some interesting discussion over on the Ask For Fairtrade twitter stream about getting hold of Fairtrade Decaff coffee when you’re out and about.

If you ask for a Decaff option at many Fairtrade chains then you can be told “it’s one or the other” as easyrew found.


A few @askforfairtrade twitter followers have suggested suppliers of Fairtrade Decaff – but what’s your experience? How easy is to get hold of a cup of decaff Fairtrade when you are out and about? And where are the Fairtrade coffee shops with the best selection of Fairtrade options?


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  Helen wrote @

CafĂ©direct has an amazing selection of Fairtrade decaf, including decaf Fairtrade Organic Instant coffee, Decaf medium roast fresh ground coffee and Teadirect Fairtrade decaf tea… check out

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