Ask for Fairtrade

Make sure your choice of coffee makes a difference

Ask for Fairtrade

I set up the @askforfairtrade Twitter account a couple of weeks ago, and after some positive feedback about the idea – I thought it was time to develop it a little further and explore more how Twitter can be used in creative campaigning.

So, I’ve set up the @askforfairtrade blog here, and over the coming weeks I’ll be exploring different ways that the campaign might develop.

I also realized that whilst I could see all the messages that might get tweeted @askforfairtrade, these weren’t visible outside Twitter search, so – over on the right-hand side of this site you can keep track of a regularly updated feed of the latest reports of coffee shops serving, or not serving, their Fairtrade options. If you tweet a report starting with ‘@askforfairtrade’ it should turn up here within a few minutes.

(Check out the about page for more background to this project…)


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  jason wrote @

came over here from your twitter account..looking forward to reading the upcoming posts…

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